Who is Mixerboy24?

Atte “Mixerboy24” Oksanen is a Finnish Multitalent person. Atte is better known as Mixer or Mixerboy24. Mixer is born in February 2001, who is immersed in information technology and the media industry.  Information technology began to interest Mixer when he was 11 years old. He started with HTML and CSS programming from which he jumped to Java programming.  He has released the first video for the Mixerboy24 Youtube channel in 2013 with the title  RUSH Helsinki 2013. Neil Peart drum solo

As a content producer

Since 2013, Mixerboy24 has made videos and live broadcasts.

He has more than 200 subscribers and more than 55,000 views on Youtube.

He has over 300 followers and over 8,500 views on Twitch.tv.

Mixerboy24 has created content e.g. Aeronaut Oy, Jyväskylän Sirius Ry, Assembly Computer Festival.

Mixerboy24 is Flero Media Oy Ltd CEO, Digital media producer and live broadcast technology specialist.  In addition to Flero, Mixer is responsible for the LocalghostFI business and its services.


As a programmer

Mixerboy24 is a multilingual programmer.
Mm: Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, C#, Python and Lua.

He builds software for various projects that come to mind or are deemed necessary. Mixer is also a game developer at Unity Engine and makes FiveM servers if needed, including Minecraft Plugins in Java. Mixer has also made Discord bots with JS and Python.

As an ICT Technician

The person to whom computers and its hardware or server environments are not unfamiliar, be it Amazon Web Service (AWS), Web Hosting, or a do-it-yourself server in your own room running a Minecraft server.

Raspberry Pi / IoT devices are also not a problem, building and hiding them is a nice thing to do. For example, Mixer has built an Allsky camera for the Raspberry Pi

Fun Fact: Mixer manages more than ten servers (Dedicated and VPS servers)

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